Symmetry Fundamentalism in Quantum Mechanics

Forthcoming in Philosophical Studies.



Symmetry Fundamentalism: A Case Study From Classical Physics

The Philosophical Quarterly, 71(2): 308-333, 2021.


The Metaphysics of Invariance 

Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics, 20: 51-64, 2020.


Decoherent Histories of Spin Networks

Foundations of Physics, 43: 310-328, 2013.


Work in Progress

(Drafts available upon request.)

  1. A paper in which I propose a metaphysics according to which the mathematical structure of a symmetry group can be captured in terms of a single four-place relation among the possible instantaneous states of the world.

  2. A paper on the ontological significance of the phase factor in quantum mechanics.

  3. A paper defending a non-Bohmian view according to which a) the quantum states of the world are physical states that exhaustively detail the fundamental properties of the individualistic constituents of the world and b) fundamental reality is perfectly determinate.

  4. A paper which assesses the extent to which wavefunction realism gives a special metaphysical status to the 'position representation'.